Balloon dipping machine


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                                           Balloon dipping machine

1.Natural latex toy balloon production line adopts continuous production method and direct leaching method, uniform film-forming, beautiful in color, a variety of specifications and different ball can be producted at the same time,also can produce a variety of specifications color balloon; Production line length have 35 meters,  60 meters, 80 meters and so on a variety of specifications, can automatic demoulding, high output, the product without the hanging point.
2.The machine is designed with more humanity according to natural latex curing forming process. It has reasonable process, latex self-balancing system, so that the quality of the gloves can be stable, the thickness and the length of the balloons can be uniform, no hanging points, heated evenly, high output, stripping balloons easy and simple.
3.The oven adopts the hot air circulation principle so that the internal temperature of the oven is even, uses fiber asbestos insulation materials to ensure the temperature does not drain, thereby improving the use of the thermal efficiency of the machine. The heating system of the machine uses PID temperature intelligent instrumentation, with high-performance control switch, improves the accuracy of temperature control, thereby enhancing the pass rate of the balloons.
4.Specially designed mold with flexible piston connecting device, make the mold replacement is simple to operate, no balloons drop off happens.